These days workspaces are no more a traditional matrix of cubicles. Now the cubicles are replaced by innovative workspaces that are open and quite functional. This kind of workspaces effectively encourages collaboration and interaction among employees. 

This kind of modern yet innovative workspace is known as the blended workspace. The features of blended workspaces are as follows, 

  • Modular  
  • Adaptive 
  • Open Design 
  • Ends Hierarchical Seating 
  • Encourages Collaboration And Interaction

What Are The Different Zones Of Blended Workspace 

A blended workspace can be typically split into different zones which are as follows, 


  • Active Space

This space is mainly a working space that has a bigger set of tables as well as smaller working tables segregated in space. When certain activity demands that the team sits together long rectangular tables can be used and while working in smaller teams, smaller sized tables can be used. In this way, the design of the workspace offers adaptability according to the requirements.

The innovation of wireless technology enables the companies to minimally use paper thus there is not much requirement of the cabinets and drawers. These days cabinets are used only to store laptops, adaptors and other electronic accessories.

Therefore, corporate interior design companies are able to plan the office floor with more space and ergonomic furniture thereby enhancing the comfort factor for the employees and the efficiency of the space. 


  • Breakout Spaces

Breakout space is the most important feature of modern corporate workspaces. The increasing stress while working is the main reason why the corporate interior design companies in Bangalore India are designing breakout spaces. 

This space will help the employees to relax thus improving their engagement and interaction. These spaces may have a tennis table, or a pool table, books to read or even a cafeteria so that the employees can relax and unwind. The interior designers make it a point to design this space differently so that the monotony of the workspace is broken 


  • Privacy Pods

The employees cannot work in the team all the time. Some of the work needs to be done in little seclusion. On the other hand, all-out open design workspaces can become disruptive and noisy at times. Privacy pods that are designed by corporate space designers come as a perfect solution for this problem. 

The design and layout of these privacy pods play a huge role in providing comfort to the employees who are working on critical matters. 

This seclusion helps them, to focus on the things which are most important, and thus enhances their productivity. 


  • Lounging Zone 

The breakout spaces are situated away from the active workspace, however, the lounges are kept right within the active workspace. The purpose of this space is to provide employees space to just sit down, read, or even work on their laptops. Sometimes, this space can also be utilized as an unofficial brainstorming area. 

The lounge areas can be designed with a comfortable sofa, recliner or even a hammock.


  • Client Zones

The client zones are the areas within the active space where informal meetings with clients can be done to talk over business matters. Other than this space also offers clients an idea of how the company works, along with work culture and dynamics. 


  • Quiet Zone

Some of the companies offer privacy pods while some others provide their employees with a quiet zone. This zone consists of a room that is partitioned with soundproof glass. The design of this zone should be such that it inspires the employees to maintain silence. 


  • Collaboration Zones

The collaboration zone consists of conference rooms. Today the collaboration rooms are becoming smaller as the teams are becoming smaller and smaller day-by-day. 

Collaboration zones can be encased with soundproof glass and can include either comfortable yet minimally designed sofa or chairs and working tables. 

The interior design of this room should be in accordance with the overall theme of the company’s workspace


Why Is Blended Workspace Important

The environment in the workspace can greatly impact the way the employees work in that workspace. It influences your team’s culture, productivity, and efficiency, along with their general wellbeing. Other than that, it can also affect how appealing the workspace appears to the employees. Design a blended WorkSpace for offices.

Unique and innovative blended workspaces are a great way of attracting talent. This is because if given a choice, a prospective candidate will want an attractive workspace.


  • Defined Workplace

It is good to have a well-defined workspace so that everyone knows what he or she is supposed to do. Other than that it facilitates seamless working on the tasks at hand since that tools, equipment, electronic appliances like laptops are readily available in that space. 


  • Motivates Collaboration 

The blended workspace can help to motivate more communication and interaction as it allows employees to come together. This further facilitates amongst the team members. Design a blended WorkSpace for offices.

The innovative features of the blended workspace like breakout zone, quiet zone, lounging zone encourage team members to share innovative ideas and concepts. 


  • Impacts Efficiency

A well-organized space positively affects the efficiency of any corporate office or the company. On the other hand, the disorganized and cluttered space just wastes the time of the employees and makes them inefficient. 

Designing the work of the blended workspace is quite a challenging job for the interior designing companies in India, however, it benefits the organizations in more than one way. It not only boosts engagement and productivity of the employees but also encourages creativity and innovation. Design a blended WorkSpace.

Therefore the interior design of the workspace can make or break the path to success. 

Thus, you should hire HCD Dreams, the best interior designing company in Bangalore, to design a highly efficient and productive blended workspace for you. 

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