It is rightly said that our home is an extension of our personality. The decor of any home reflects a lot about the family that inhabits it. 


All of us try our best to make our home beautiful. However, if you own a larger home, you have enough space to play with your imagination and do the décor extravagantly. 


But most of us have smaller homes; therefore, we have comparatively lesser space to decorate. 


But do not be disheartened as the team of expert interior designers at HCD Dreams, the best interior design company in Bangalore, India, has come up with some interesting interior design ideas to decorate your small abode. 


How to decorate your small home 


  • Memory wall 


A memory wall is the most beautiful way to keep memories alive. So instead of investing in expensive paintings, create a wall that will take you down the memory lane. 

  • Create niches in the wall


There are always lots of beautiful things that you will wish to exhibit in your home. If your home is small, you can do so by creating niches in the wall itself so that extra space is not occupied. 


  • ​Let the window do the magic 


In the smaller spaces, you must keep the decor as minimum as possible. And replace the smaller windows with bigger French windows. It will make the room look more spacious. 

  • ​Functional décor 


Nothing can be better than a functional décor for smaller spaces. It can be a beautiful piece of furniture or a closet, which has its own utility along with enhancing the beauty of the area. 

  • ​Add some illusion 


The illusion that can be created by the use of different designer things will make space look spacier. 

  • ​Integrate the space 


Remove unnecessary walls as much as possible in a smaller home, so that space looks integrated and more spacious. It is always better to have a large spacious room than to have a small-congested room.

  • Make the most out of the space


When you have a smaller home, every inch of the space matters. Make use of the area in and around the house, for instance, window and behind the doors. 

  • ​Keep it simple


In any way, do not overdo the décor. The heavy false ceiling will make the room look smaller, so keep it simple and sober. If you even want to decorate your house with simplicity.  

  • Color it right


Light and pastel shades make space feel bigger. Select a single color for the walls and mix it up with furniture and furnishing. You can add colors here and there through cushion covers and carpets. 

  • Go green vertically


Nothing can decorate your home more beautifully than a splash of greens. If you don’t have enough space, you can always go green vertically. 


For more interior design ideas for your home, get in touch with an expert team of interior designers at the HCD Dream.  


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