You are renovating your house because you want to make it more beautiful and also much more comfortable for your family to live in. While Renovate your house, you should consider it to be a business project, so as to complete it successfully within the budget. 

If you are equipped with the skills required for home renovation, then you will save lots of money by doing yourself a home renovation project. However, availing of the renovation services by HCD DREAM, an interior design company in Bangalore will enable you to complete the home renovation project in a well-planned manner that too within the predetermined budget. 

In this article we will let you know, top 10 tips to renovate your house beautifully within budget. 

Tips to renovate your house on a budget 

  • Divide it

As discussed earlier proper planning is the key to having your house beautifully renovated while sticking to the budget. 

The best strategy for your home renovation project is to devise a renovation plan for each and every area of your house. If you hire HCD DREAM Interior Solutions – an Interior design service provider in Bangalore, our team of expert interior designers will take into consideration your requirements and then proceed with the renovation accordingly. 

  • Budgeting

As you intend to renovate your house within the budget, it is crucial to decide on the total expenditure that you desire to make on the home renovation project. While doing so, it is important to have a certain buffer amount of money in mind. However, you should have underestimated the budget on the papers to plan accordingly while having some space to breathe. 

  • Research

The next thing you are required to do is to step into the market and do lots of research. You can visit the high-end interior design studios to have look at the latest interior design trends. Or else you can also check the same on Google or Pinterest. 

But to have your home renovated on the budget you should emphasize sourcing the raw materials, furniture as well as decorating elements from economical suppliers, budget furniture brands, thrift stores, and online platforms. 

How to beautifully renovate your house within budget

Now let us discuss how you can renovate your house while sticking to the budget, 

  • Doors that impress

The main door of your house is undoubtedly the one that your guests lay their eyes on. Hence, it is crucial that the main door of your house should be beautiful. If because of the tight budget you cannot install a new door, you can always paint it either white or black color to enhance its beauty, that too within budget. 

  • Paint that plays magic

The paint on the walls affects the lighting in the house. While renovating your house the first thing that will obviously come to your mind is giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Yes, experimenting with different wall colors, patterns or wallpapers will add depth to space. But, you can also achieve a similar luxurious look by having walls, trims, and doors of the same color, that too preferably white. 

However, if you intend to experiment a bit, you can use different shades of the same color to break the monotony. 

  • Mirrors that cause an illusion

If the size of your house is on the smaller side, there is nothing to worry about, as you can create an illusion of a bigger space by using mirrors. 

The mirrors if placed appropriately, not only cause illusion in the mind but also reflect light, thereby making the space much brighter. 

  • Refurnish the kitchen

If you are renovating your house then you must also look into maximizing and utilizing the available space efficiently. In case you already have ample storage, then all that you need to do is repaint them to make your kitchen look new.

  • Windows to enhance the look

Large windows help to connect the indoors of your house to the outdoors. So while renovating your house, make it a point to install big windows that will bring in light. If that is not possible, paint your windows the same color as walls but a shade lighter. 

The key to renovating your house beautifully on a budget is to make an interior design or interior renovating plan for yourself and sticking to it. Hiring HCD DREAM Interior Solution, a Home interior design Company in Bangalore, will surely help you out in your home renovation project.