Planning for your Kids Bedroom Renovation, then check out these tips

Kids grow up so fast and we truly believe that’s why we cherish every moment with them while they are little. Most of us in the industry work with children during their first years, making their decorating a real labor of love! Designing a kids room around the ages and stage in development of your child, is an important part of the process. As the child grows, and their interests change, you want to be sure the room meets their needs.

Keep away from bright colors and patterns

Bright colors and patterns make children restless and difficult to fall asleep. Your little ones may not be able to resist the temptation of playing with the bedding, curtains, and wall art. So, instead of buying colorful bed linen, go for neutral shades. Also, opt for simple designs rather than intricate ones as they tend to distract children from concentrating on their homework and studies.

Use soft lighting

A soothing ambiance helps them relax and focus on their schoolwork. Soft lighting is the best option here. You can use lamps having diffused bulbs or go for LED lights. Try to keep the brightness level at a minimum.

Choose the right furniture

The furniture should be comfortable enough for the kids to sit, lie down, and play. It should be safe and durable. Avoid using hard surfaces like glass tables and steel chairs. Instead, choose wooden furniture.

Cleaning the room regularly

Cleaning the room regularly prevents dust accumulation and keeps the air fresh. You can clean the whole room once a week or once every fortnight depending upon how often you change the bed sheets.

Create a relaxing space

Children love spending time with their parents and friends. So, create a place where they feel cozy and relaxed. If possible, let them watch movies or listen to music while lying in their beds.

Decorate the room with kid-friendly things

You don’t need expensive toys and gadgets for your kids’ rooms. There are many inexpensive options that are fun, educational, and cute for your kids. Just avoid any kind of noise makers, firecrackers, or anything else that might disturb them.

In conclusion, a well planned room addition can complete the décor, provide your child with private space, and enhance the overall look of your house. By carefully combining practicality and aesthetics, you have the ability to create a child’s bedroom that meets their needs now, as well as providing them with good memories for years to come. Visit HCD DREAM Interior Solutions for Kids Bedroom Renovation.

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