Which type of Windows will suit your home the best?

Choosing the right window type is essential if you want to create a certain look for your interiors. The materials, design, and size of the windows determine the overall look of your rooms. For instance, in a traditional Indian home. living rooms and bedrooms tend to have bigger windows than kitchens. 

Today, interior design and styling have come a long way. People prefer different types of windows based on their viewing preferences and style preferences. 

Best Window Types For Home

Here are some of the best window ideas for your home interior:

  • Casement Windows 

Lavish homes have large casement windows that attach your room to a balcony. They replicate the look and style of the door. These windows sit on a small platform and have a hinge so that you can open them like a door. Casement windows provide a direct view of the outside world. They are elegant and have a French-door like style and appeal. 

  • Bay Windows 

Bay Windows are large and introduce ample light into your rooms. They are designed to offer a comfortable relaxing or sitting corner. Usually, a series of two or three windows is created to provide an unhindered view of the external surroundings. These types of windows usually open in front of a garden or farm. 

  • Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows can be the perfect option if you don’t want windows that open or close from inside or outside. These windows are ideal for your bathroom or bedroom where you need ample air ventilation. 

  • Tilt and Turn Windows 

If you want to add a sophisticated and tinsel-town kind of look to your interiors, you must try the tilt-and-turn windows. These windows are usually not paired i.e. they are created singularly. They can be opened from the bottom or the sides as they have both bottom and side hinges. If you want to try a different look for your living room, you can certainly try this type of window. 

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