Tips to make your Living Room look luxurious

Undoubtedly, the Living room is the most important room in the home. And as the name says, this room is where life happens, gathering with the friends, relaxed times with the family, lazy evenings watching the favorite movie on the TV and of course the first room that one notices when entering your house. 

Hence, it is the first room that invites your dear ones into your home and leaves an impression on the mind of your guests. 

Our team of expert interior designers at HCD DREAM, the best interior design company in Bangalore has put together, some easy and living room interior design tips that will make it look luxurious. 

  • Create a layered lighting effect

Lighting is one of the most important concepts of interior designing of any space. However, it is often overlooked. You must have a variety of light sources in the living room interior design. It will surely add depth to the living room. 

  • Dress it up with textiles

The easiest way to make your living room luxurious is to dress it up with beautiful pillows and a cozy throw for the sofa. You can either purchase from any online or offline furnishing stores or make them yourself if you are a crafty person. 

  • Curtains that touch the floor

Beautiful window curtains can instantly add a luxurious factor to a room. But you should take note of one cardinal rule, never; buy window curtains that are too short. In fact, the curtains should be hung a little higher, preferably from ceiling to floor. 

  • Invest in a large piece of art

An oversize art piece can grab the attention of your guest and give that luxe feel. It can be an oversized canvas painting or a metallic wall décor or anything of your choice. But it should be large and something unique that befits your preferred interior design style. 

  • Spread a large rug

A small rug makes space appear smaller in size, while the larger rugs make space look more spacious. Hence you must spread large rugs of your choice thus making your living room bigger as well as luxurious. 

To make the Living room interior design project a little easier for you must hire an interior design agency in Bangalore