Sustainable Interior Design principles  

It can be said for sure that due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, there is a shift of focus towards leading a healthy and sustainable life. Undoubtedly, sustainable interior design is one of the essential aspects of sustainable living. Hence, in this article, we will let you know some of the most crucial sustainable interior design principles.

Principles of sustainable Interior Design

  • Be a responsible purchaser

Before getting started with the sustainable interior design project, you must educate yourself about being a conscious and responsible purchaser. Having a sustainable home is definitely a good thing, but purchasing supplies from a supplier that works sustainably, is equally important. 

It will be nice if the supplier believes in conserving the natural resources and consumes them efficiently. Moreover, it would be best to emphasize purchasing sustainability certified materials, which will ensure that it meets all the environmental and socioeconomic guidelines. 

  • Shop locally

 All the material and the artifacts for the sustainable interior design project should be sourced locally. Local sourcing of the material for the interior designing project reduces the use of resources for long-distance transportation and carbon emission. In addition to all this, it also plays a massive role in contributing to the local economy. 

  • Longevity and timelessness of the design 

 In the sustainable interior design project, more emphasis is given on the life cycle analysis of any product used. This analysis is also called cradle to grave analysis, which implies analyzing the product right from its sourcing to its disposal. 

The sustainable products are those, which are sourced sustainably, and also, after its disposal, it can be transformed into a new usable product. 

  • The three Rs – Reclaim, recycle and reuse

 The three Rs- reclaim, recycle, and reuse are the foundational pillars of the interior design based on sustainability. The reclaimed or recycled materials like furniture, artifacts, and hardware are mostly used to gain that vintage or antique look. 

  • Efficient Consumption Of Energy

 In any sustainable interior design, efficient consumption of energy and resources is equally important. Hence, highly energy-efficient materials, fabrics, hardware as well as electronics are used, for instance, cold and sun blocking curtains, energy-efficient light fittings, light-colored walls to reflect natural light, etc. 

  • Aesthetically pleasant

 Achieving sustainability in your interior design of the space is, of course, but it being aesthetically pleasing is essential as well. Individuals are more likely to lead a sustainable and healthy life only if the place they live is pleasing to their soul.

Your home or office space’s sustainable interior design sets the foundation for a healthy life for you and your near and dear ones. We hope these basic principles of sustainable interior designing; will surely help you on your journey towards sustainability. 

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