5 Steps to Design your Perfect Home Gym

A well-designed gym encourages you to work out, and get those repetitions of sets done. But in such times as this where you are stuck in the lockdown and going to the gym is not at all possible, a home gym is something that the entire exercise enthusiast wishes for. 

Most of us hear about a well-designed home gym and assume it to be a luxury that is affordable for the rich people. Well, it is not so in reality. You can also design a perfect home gym for yourself in just 5 easy steps. 

In this article, we will let you know five easy steps you’ll need to follow to design your perfect home gym. 


How to design your perfect home gym 

  • Use the space smartly

The available space plays a significant role in the design of your home gym. An area of only 10 by 10 is also enough if it is completely decluttered. In case you have a small space, do not fill it up with big equipment. And if you do not have a spare room which you can convert into a home gym, make smart furniture choices like a foldable dining table or sofa cum bed, which will maximize the utilization of the space. 

  • Paint sets the vibe 

The paint colors of your space will have the most significant impact on your overall mood while exercising. Hence instead of using warm colors, which make you feel comfortable, use bright colors like white, which will make you feel energized and motivated. 

  • Light it optimally

Your home gym should have flexible lighting because space will evolve with time as your exercise regimen progresses further. In the process, you will either add in some equipment or take away a few or even upgrade. So invest in some right light fittings that are affordable and, most importantly, in your budget. 

  • Mirrored wall 

Do you know why gyms have a mirrored wall? It not only allows you to monitor your form but also decreases the risk of injury. 

Hence, it is essential to have one big full-length mirror on your home gym wall. And if you can invest in a fully mirrored wall, nothing can be better than that. 

  • Bring in the music system

Great music helps you fill energized during a workout. To do so, you don’t necessarily need a big expensive music system, but a small Bluetooth speaker will do the trick. 

Now bring in some exercising equipment and accessories according to your exercising requirements, and you are good to go. Your perfect home gym is ready for you. 


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