10 Features of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design is one of the most trending interior design themes these days. The Scandinavian interior style emphasizes on minimally decorating the space while maintaining its functionality. 

If you too are looking forward to having a Scandinavian inspired living room or a warm Scandinavian Bedroom or even an entire Scandinavian home interior then you must take into account the following crucial features that make it the most popular interior design style in the modern times. 


1. Priority to white color 

Normally in any Scandinavian house design, interior preference is given to use of either white or pastel colors. It is basically due to the fact that the winters in Scandinavia are long hence the interiors of the house dark. Therefore to keep the home interiors bright the white color is used. 


2. Wooden flooring 

Well in Scandinavia carpets were never popular. Instead of that, wooden flooring is the most preferred option. But when it comes to wooden flooring, the softer and the lighter tones of wood are the ones that are most commonly used as it goes well with the light-colored theme. 


3. Light-colored wooden accent 

In the Scandinavian interior style, for the furniture, wall décor, or anything else, wood is majorly used. However, not any type of wood will go well with Scandinavian interior design. Hence, keeping in mind the lighter theme of this interior style, lighter shades of wood are always used, for instance, pinewood, beech, etc. 


4. Cleaner lines

Unlike some other interior design styles, ornate designs or detailing is not at all found in the Scandinavian homes. Clean lines, few but solid statement pieces are something that makes Scandinavian design style stand out.


5. Clutter-free space

In the older times, the homes in Scandinavia were small, because of which not much space was left to accumulate clutter. As a result of which, more emphasis was given on the continuous decluttering of the stuff. 

Though the houses are made bigger in size these days across the world, clutter-free spaces with maximum functionality are the major features of any Scandinavian home design. 


6. Keeping it simple 

This attribute of the Scandinavian interior is very much related to minimalism and ongoing decluttering. By keeping the furniture and the décor minimal you will be able to achieve the clean and clutter-free spaces. Moreover, it is seen that bare walls and empty spaces are integral parts of this style of interior design. 

7. Minimal toys 

Minimum yet beautiful, meaningful, and functional toys are the most important aspect of a Scandinavian kid’s bedroom or playroom. Along with that, statement wall art on rather bare walls will bring life into the kid’s bedroom interior design.


8. Natural light

Lots of natural light is an important aspect of Scandinavian homes. Therefore if any window treatments are to be used, then translucent curtains are used. By doing so, privacy from the outside world is maintained well yet, sunshine pours in. 

9. Cozy furnishings

Yes, it’s true that lots of soft furnishings like throw blankets or several cushions are not used in Scandinavian décor but few cozy furnishings add to the warmth of the interior design. 

This again has to do with the fact that winters are long in Scandinavia hence, the need for warmth in the space. 


10. Green friends 

Having plants around helps to easily brighten up any space and to bring in a touch of life, therefore these green buddies are crucial parts of any Scandinavian homes.

Scandinavian Interior Designers in Bangalore

Now that you know all the crucial features of Scandinavian home interior design, get going with your interior design project. However, if you require any further help get in touch with the Best Scandinavian Interior Designers in Bangalore at HCD Dream Interior Solutions right away.