5 Interior Design ideas for Pooja Room

Having Interior design of Pooja Room done is a big task in itself, especially for the apartments where the space available is limited. In this article, we will discuss some Pooja Room Interior Design ideas for apartments. 

Pooja Room Interior Design ideas

  • Location of the Pooja Room

This is mainly important for smaller apartments. In such a case the pooja room can be located at the far end of the living room itself. However, if the apartment is on the bigger side, one can opt for a specific room that is dedicated solely to the pooja room. 

  • Cabinet for storage 

Just like any other part of the house, storage space is crucial for a well organized and clean pooja room. Hence, make it a point to create lots of cabinets for storage as you will have to store and organize pooja supplies along with some festive decorations for the same. 

  • Have high Pedestals

Having high pedestals made for keeping deities in the Pooja room is important especially for the smaller apartments. It will be easier a lot to keep the Pooja space clean. Preferably have the pedestals made of marble as it is very easy to maintain in the long term. 

  • Accent wall

The accent wall in the pooja room will make it look grand and enhance the overall ambiance of the Interior Design for Pooja Room. If having an accent wall color painted on the walls is something not manageable for you due to budget constraints, you can always opt for wallpapers. 

  • Marble floors

The floors of the pooja room should be made of marble. This is because the pooja room should always be clean, and having marble floors makes it way easier to keep it so. 

While having Pooja Room Interior Design done there are lots of things that should be taken into consideration. By hiring HCD DREAM Interior Solutions, a Pooja Room Interior Designers in Bangalore, you will make it a whole lot convenient for yourself.