The end of 2021 is a time of transition, little by little the offices begin to recover their usual activity, or to define their new way of working, which in many cases goes through a hybrid work system. 

In the midst of all these transformations, the modern office interior design trends for 2022 are committed to open spaces, versatility, and the conception of the office as a place not only destined for strict work, but also designed to offer its workers the spaces they need to interact, exchange, and continue training. The objective is to increase their productivity in all aspects, and provide well-being and engagement with the company, updating the spaces and services of the offices. 

Upcoming Modern Office Interior Design Trends for 2022

Here, we, at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions,  have put together the direction the office interior design trend will follow. And here are they:



Open spaces continue to be the main protagonists of change. Individual offices seem like a thing of the past, but we must warn that not everything goes in terms of open spaces. Although it is true that the elimination of architectural barriers such as walls is a trend, completely open spaces are not recommended if we want them to be efficient. The solution is to have smaller dividing elements -which also allow easy reconfiguration-, they do not obstruct the vision, they can be sound absorbing, and they also provide warmth to open spaces.



Open spaces are accompanied by the need to carry out several tasks in the same space, and for this, having versatile furniture, easy to move and adapt to the express needs of the moment, is essential. For example, this reconfigurable waiting sofa can also become a fundamental element for a soft seating area in which to hold informal meetings. 



In addition to the versatile spaces, the soft seating, or the work-café, the areas specifically designed for the rest of the workers are one of the trends for this 2022. These types of spaces improve the employee welfare, enhance interpersonal relationships and encourage creativity. 



Comfort is not incompatible with sustainability! In 2022, caring for the environment is an upward trend in office design, from reducing waste to choosing sustainable materials such as wood, it is a transversal trend. Our advice: bet on the introduction of natural elements within the design of the spaces, such as water fountains, plants, or a vertical garden. 



LED lighting has been a great revolution, saving costs and allowing the generation of different environments. Despite the fact that most lighting systems are dimmable in intensity and even in tone, it should be remembered that different types of lamps are necessary to achieve optimal lighting depending on the tasks. So, bet on light in all its variants for this 2022. 


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