Living Room Interior Design

A living room is a space where we relax after a long day at work. We take some time off our busy schedule and spend quality time with family members. A good living room interior designer should have enough knowledge about the latest trends in the market. He/she should be aware of the current fads and popular designs in the market. Lighting is a major factor in a well-designed living room. It not only enhances the beauty of the room but also creates ambiance. You need to choose the right kind of lighting fixtures according to the size of the room. Do you want Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore? Visit HCD DREAM Interior Solutions for Free Consultation.

The furniture determines the look and feel of the entire room. There are different types of furniture available in the market with various designs and styles. You can buy them online or even visit home decorators in Bangalore for purchasing furniture. Color schemes play a key role in making a living room beautiful. Colors can change the mood of a person instantly. Hence, it is always advisable to use colors that create calmness. You can go for vibrant colors like red and orange if you want to create a fun vibe in the room. If you want to make the place cozy, then soft pastel shades like blue, pink, and green are best suited. 

Home accessories help you complete the entire décor of the living room. Add cushions, rugs, curtains, etc., to give a personalized touch to the room. Artwork adds visual appeal to the room. But make sure that the artwork doesn’t distract attention from the seating arrangement. Decoration ideas in the living room can be anything, depending upon your choice. You can add balloons, streamers, flowers, candles, etc., to enhance the atmosphere. Let’s make your Living Room more beautiful by choosing HCD DREAM Interior Solutions.

Types of Living Room Interior Design

  1. Modern Living Room

 The modern living room is designed to reflect the current trends in technology and art. The design is characterized by an open floor plan and minimalistic furniture. The modern living room uses glass windows and natural materials to create a warm and airy space.

  1. Traditional Living Room

 A traditional living room reflects the elegance of its era. It is characterized by the heavy use of wood furniture and ornate wall decorations. The traditional style of the living room is commonly known to have been popularized by the American Colonial period.

  1. Contemporary Living Room

 Contemporary living rooms are often designed to accommodate the lifestyle of today’s busy families. These spaces are designed to provide a comfortable place to relax after a long day at work. Modern contemporary living rooms feature simple furnishings and sleek decor.

  1. Industrial Living Room

 Industrial living rooms are perfect for those who enjoy the beauty of simplicity. The industrial look of these rooms is achieved using lots of metal, brick, concrete, and exposed pipes.

  1. Country Living Room

 Country living rooms are the epitome of home comfort. Their rustic appeal is complemented by the use of soft colors and soothing textures. Wooden furniture and rugs with a simple pattern are some of the elements used in country interiors.

  1. Zen Living Room

 Zen living rooms are generally minimalist and quiet. These rooms are intended to promote peace and tranquility. The Zen living room is characterized by clean lines, subdued lighting, and low-key music.

  1. Eclectic Living Room

 Eclectic living rooms are the perfect blend of several styles. Elements of ancient Egyptian architecture and Japanese design are combined with pieces from the Victorian era. These rooms are characterized by an eclectic mix of antique furniture and modern décor.

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