Large open spaces and the use of bold colors and materials will establish a dialogue in your new kitchen design.

The transfer of daily life to the interior of the home during this period of COVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions has caused the renovation of the different spaces of the house to be more important to create more welcoming environments, where life flows in harmony. One of these areas is the kitchen , an area that is influenced by the arrival of new trends in interior design .

More so, it is not uncommon nowadays to find people watching television, using the computer or studying, in addition to the activities for which the kitchens have been designed. For this reason, since the kitchen has become a multifunctional room, decoration is increasingly playing a more important role and that’s why we, HCD DREAM Interior Solutions, will present some of the trending kitchen design trends.

HCD DREAM Interior Solutions shares some of these interior design ideas that are gaining relevance this year and will be till next year. The purpose of this is to  integrate more of the family members and generating revitalizing spaces in which they coexist day by day.

Some of the ideas to revamp to revitalize your Kitchen are these:

  • Open kitchens

The long period of confinement due to the health pandemic has caused an increasing search for the creation of large open kitchens, which, rather than separating family members, allow interaction between them. “So dare to tear down those walls that separate it from your living room.”

  • Warm spaces

Among the trends in interior design, the combination of the use of warm materials such as wood and marble stands out, which will not only renew the kitchen area, but will also contribute to give it a cozy style when used on walls and floors. You might even think of a fancy breakfast bar.

  • Black is always in fashion

Even in a place where white colour traditionally dominates, taking a little risk and use black combined with materials such as wood, marble, glass and even, polished concrete, you will realize that a dark tone injected with a style sophisticated to this area of ​​the home.

  •  Kitchens with islands

If your house has a large space, which you still do not know how to take advantage of, the inclusion of a central island could give it that touch you are looking for to impregnate a much more practical and versatile style.

This element can be located in the center of a large kitchen or used as a separating element with other areas such as the dining room or living room.

According to some surveys, more than 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of them, 50% consider it essential. Since the addition of an island is clearly a good investment, you should consider this possibility if you plan a renovation in your house.

Think about what type of design (be it custom or prefabricated) is going to provide you the most utility. If your kitchen has few cabinets, you will want storage. If you don’t have a dining room space, extra seating might be a priority.

You should also take into account the available space you have. A good rule of thumb is to place it in the center of the room. That way it is equally accessible from all sides and will not be an obstacle.

  • Kitchens open to the living room or dining room

Maybe your kitchen feels disconnected from the rest of the home. If you want it to look more modern, consider the possibility of knocking down a wall, to integrate it with the dining room or living room.

Modern kitchens converge with the main living space of the house. Little by little, they are becoming a space where daily life unfolds.

This inclusion can be done in a very harmonious way using kitchen islands, for example. With this, we can have a kitchen is integrated into the dining room or living room, turning these spaces into a great, comfortable and functional environment.

  • Contrasting textures

The new designs use contrasting textural finishes. For example, dark porcelain or slate with wood, or the super matte black cabinets combined with warm metal sinks in bronze color. These elegant finishes are balanced by natural organic elements, such as wooden island accents or wide plank flooring.

The most popular finishes for cabinet handles are matte black, satin nickel, pewter, and antique brass. What is common to all of these finishes is that they are matte, not high gloss finishes and therefore do not show finger marks.

But there are more possibilities as the materials used are very diverse. And more and more they are mixed with each other, that is the case of wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, stone and metal, which merge in more original combinations and which can already be seen imposing a trend this year and will continue to be in the kitchens for next year.

Homeowners are preferring synthetic materials, which are inexpensive, durable, and look good. Some of the most popular brands for countertops offer many colors and various thickness and shape options.

  • Connection to the outside

In modern architecture, the kitchen every day takes on an increasing notoriety, due to the fact that it is a functional space, for work, especially as remote work or working from home has taken a new dimension due to COVID-19 pandemic, but for many of enjoyment and relaxation. It is used to practice the hobby of cooking, or cocktails, have a chat with friends on the island, or have breakfast in the morning. Given this, a way has been sought to give more vitality to this space, through large windows that connect with the outside.

The idea is to place the kitchens adjacent to the garden, so that the window creates the feeling of being in both places at the same time, since, while cooking, you can enjoy the beautiful day outside, without feeling that you are loosing out from what’s going on there.

In the same way, if you have meals with friends, you can open the windows, connecting the kitchen with the patio, without the need for the cook to miss half the meeting because they are not in the same space. You can also build a terrace connected to the kitchen, to have a few drinks and eat pizzas while enjoying the view and a larger space.

In addition to all this, letting a greater amount of natural light pass through generates more luminosity and therefore a better vibe.


That’s right, these Kitchen interior design trends will set your renovation styles for months to come and breathe new life into your home. If you need more ideas to give your kitchen a new breath of life, you’re free to speak with us at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. We’ll design it to your tatse.