These are the top 10 interior design trends of the year 2021 and covers everything from living room interior design, bedroom interior designs, wall colors trends, furniture design trends and much more. 

  • The texture is back in trend

The textured walls as well as the furniture are very much in trend in the year 2021. The wardrobes, cabinets, chest of drawers as well as the side boards with smooth doors can be replaced with the ones bit of the texture preferably having grooves or decorative in nature. 

Similar is the case, when it comes to walls, the smooth ones are nice but having a textured accent wall is a must have. The textured wall look can be obtained by utilizing 3D wooden wall panels or 3D tiles, however if one is on a tighter budget, 3D wallpaper will also do the trick. 

  • Decorative Hardware

The ornate designs are more preferred over the sleek and modern hardware that was previously in trend. 

Although one can retain the same furniture but having the hardware replaced with some decorative ones should be your go to solution as far as this Interior design trend is considered.

  • Segregated interior design plan 

The open layout of the floor surely makes the space look bigger, but due to the pandemic, need for private space to complete one’s official tasks or attend the class has arisen. The easiest way to fulfil these requirements in the limited space is to form flexible segregations by utilizing screens, dividers or curtains. 

  • Vases that make impact

 It may sound a bit weird, but statement oversized vases are very much on trend these days. The vases that are colourful and of bold designs instantly adds glamourous touch to the overall vibe of the space. 

  • Humanly Connection 

Biophilic Interior Design is the actual technical term fused to describe a design that emphasizes on human’s connection to the nature in general and incorporates elements of nature at its core. 

In simpler words, it is bringing outdoors indoors.  It can be easily done by adding indoors plants and creating that soothing zen corner which will take away one’s stress. 

  • Green Walls

Just like the, biophilic interior design, the green accent walls are increasingly in demand. The science has proved the green colour effectively reduces stress and normalizes the heart rate. 

The green colour symbolizes mother nature, and this may be the very reason, for its increasing popularity these days. 

  • Home office 

Creating a dedicated workspace for each person of the family be it adult or a kid has become immensely important, due to the ongoing pandemic scenario. More so, as many companies have opted for the permanent remote working. m

  • Storage Space

Storage space is something which every household is short of no matter how much is provided for in the interior design plan. However, the current work from home and home-schooling has increased the requirement of the storage space at home. 

  • Dedicated pantry area

Now that, whole of the family is home day in and day out, kitchen has become the continuously functioning area of the household. In addition to that, one cannot go grocery shopping frequently, due to the risk of getting infected by Covid. 

Hence, a dedicated pantry area in the house has become one of the priorities when it comes to Home interior design in 2021. 

  • Home Gyms

As most of us are stuck at home, due to Corona virus lockdown, home exercise space has become an important consideration in many of the home interior design projects. 

Home gym was always a matter of attraction, but Covid-19, has made it a crucial part of every home, big or small. 

So which interior design trend are you planning to incorporate into the interior design of your own space? Do let us know in the comments section below