IWho doesn’t like their home to feel like it is more spacious than it actually is? In fact, we all would love to live in a space that is airier, well organized, and of course, decorated. But achieving the goal, while living in the small apartments in the metro cities seems to be next to impossible. Don’t worry, as our team of expert interior designers has brought to you, several interior design ideas especially for small apartments that will help you to bring your spacious home into a reality. 

Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartments 


  • Hang curtains higher

To make your small apartment look spacious the selection of your curtain fabric and the way you hang them to play a huge role. If possible opt for sheer curtains especially, for the living room, and install them from ceiling to the floor. 

The sheer fabric of the curtain will allow lots of natural light to come in and ceiling to floor length of curtains will give an Illusion of height. 


  • Display the Essentials

We all know the principle of ‘Less is More’ and its importance in making any space look luxurious. The same is the case with the small apartment interior design projects. Bring the decorating elements to the bare minimum, decorate with what you love the most, and feel inspired every single day. 


  • Invest in smart furniture

Furniture takes the biggest share in any interior design project. For the small apartment interior design projects, it becomes crucial that smart multifunctional furniture is opted for, which will eventually help in optimizing the space available. 


  • Neutral color

Neutral wall color is a must-have for every small house interior design projects as it keeps the apartment feeling brighter and spacious.


  • Utilize every surface

Having a small apartment does not mean you have to compromise on Interior Design Ideas. In fact, you can utilize every surface available, especially the vertical space for organizing and decorating. 

When all the interior design decisions are taken smartly, and available space is utilized optimally, even the small apartments can look spacious as well as luxurious. And this is exactly where HCD Dream Interior Solutions an Interior Design Company in Bangalore, can help you out. Get in touch with us right away!