10 ways to transform your home into lockdown perfect home

None of us had ever imagined that we would be confined to our home for such a long period of time. In fact, most of us must have planned out a bunch of fun things to do with our family throughout the year, especially during the summer vacations of the kids. 

But, the outbreak of the pandemic has thrown all our plans out of the window, and now we are stuck day and night in our home. And this is the new normal which we have to accept, sooner the better. 

Hence, our home is our office, gym, playground, school, theatre and whatnot, at least for the near future. Therefore, we should adapt our house for the new lifestyle change that is here to stay for a while. 

How to transform your Home into lockdown perfect home 

  • Get gardening 

Enjoy your time in some gardening projects by setting up a summer spring garden. If you do not have proper supplies, you can always recycle egg trays, paper cups, etc. Or else you can also get in touch with the local nursery, to check whether they are providing contactless delivery of the plants and pots. 

  • Set up a cozy corner

Find out your favorite spot in the house and transform it into a cozy little corner, where you can chill out at times. Few throw pillows with a colorful rug and beautiful pictures on the wall will do the trick.

  • Must have a home office 

With most of us working remotely that is working from home, setting up a home office space is an absolute must. Obviously you cannot go out and buy stuff like an office table or comfortable ergonomic chair to set up a perfect home office. But you can always set up a simple yet productive home office. 

  • Set up a reading nook

Gather all the books that are scattered across the house in one comfortable place at your home, and set up a reading nook, for your family. Having a bookshelf nearby will be quite beneficial, but you can always stack the books on top of one another. Having a couple of throw pillows and a little table to keep your favorite cup of hot or cold coffee will be ideal to set the vibe. 

  • Rearrangements to change the look

By simply rearranging the furniture that you already own, will give the entire space a breath of fresh air. The reason behind doing so can be different for different people, for instance making space for workouts, homeschooling, and home office or just changing the look. 

  • Much needed deep clean

Now that you are home more than ever, utilize this time to give your home the much needed deep cleaning. Work as a team and get the long-awaited task done. Trust us, nothing feels better than a thoroughly cleaned fresh home. 

  • Make command station

Since everyone is at home, either working from home or not or getting a house help is out of the question, make a task allocation plan, and display it in certain areas of the house, where everyone can see it. 

Similarly, you can also make a meal planning chart and display, so that the grocery supply available at home is properly utilized. 

  • Allow the bedding to breath

Just changing the bedding set, and deep cleaning the bed by vacuuming or brushing of a bed will allow it to breath. By doing so, you will get a clean and well-made bed to sleep on. 

  • Bring in the greenery

You may be having a beautiful garden, terrace, or even a balcony, which is decorated well. But due to daily hustle and bustle, you seldom got time to actually enjoy it. Now is a perfect time, to do so! You can also bring in some plants off course the indoor ones. 

  • Set up playing zone

Last but not the least, set up a playing zone, for your little ones, where all their toys are nicely arranged but are within their reach. In this way, they are not dependent on you and can entertain themselves well. 

Now that, your home is well adapted to the lockdown phase of your life, live your life safely with family and try to find joy in small little things. 

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