One of the trends to create spaces with healthy interior designs in a home is that they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Every day there are more people who want to live with an eco-friendly and sustainable design in mind. In addition, there are more and more sustainable elements on the market in terms of lighting, wooden floors, air conditioning, heating… To be eco-friendly today, we propose to start with the sustainable interior design of our home with which we can turn our home into a space healthier and even more efficient. 

This is what we do at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. We design eco-friendly home interiors and sustainable interior designs for our clients. Speak with us today.

How to create eco-friendly Interior Spaces

Although we want to radically change the interior space of our home to make it more ecological and eco-friendly, we do not have to discard all the materials and elements of it. We have to be eco-friendly throughout the reform process. If we want to reform our house we must be careful trying to recover everything that can have a second life such as a false ceiling, pillars or wooden beams. There are many materials that, instead of discarding them, we can use to create our own recycled furniture that will give our home a sustainable personality, being a good way to start designing and manufacturing furniture.

If we cannot give it a second life and it cannot be recycled, we will have to manage all the waste generated following the applicable regulations and laws. We cannot forget that the damage to the environment caused by the uncontrolled dumping of some materials can be terribly Q

Eco-friendly Materials to create Sustainable Interior Spaces

We can choose natural and eco-friendly materials to create our interior spaces such as stones, wood, metals, paints and natural pigments, which apart from aesthetic and health values, contribute to the construction of a more responsible world, since they take into account in the manufacturing process environmental criteria.

To paint the walls of the rooms you can use organic and eco-friendly paints that are save environmentally and are not harmful to health. It is very interesting to choose stone materials made from the recovered and recycled manufacturing remains of others, for example current kitchen countertops, for the most part, are covered in boards made from marble dust.

We also have to use materials such as recycled glass or natural fibers . We can find lamps, floors and even rugs on the market. For example, it is possible to decorate our houses with fireplaces that do not require smoke outlets or fossil fuels and furniture whose natural fibers are coconut or bamboo.

Cardboard is also an original element with great decorative possibilities with which you can make furniture such as chairs and small tables for children. There are many examples of eco-friendly recycled cardboard furniture to inspire you to make your own designs. To design the windows it is better that instead of curtains, we use natural fabrics or paper blinds.

Although everything exposed is designed for spaces of a home, the truth is that any interior space can be something more eco-friendly and sustainable, such as offices (work spaces) and restaurants (commercial establishment).

Eco-friendly home interiors design ideas


The limits of ecological design are set by you and your creativity. Let your imagination run wild, look at the objects you have in your home and get inspired! Here are some easy-to-implement ideas:

1. Indoor plants

The plants will give a fresher air to your home.

Perhaps they are the main design elements of this trend. You will find them in all possible sizes and colors. You can place them both in the windows or on the floor as well as on the furniture or even decorating the walls.


2. Dried flowers

The great advantage of opting for dried flowers is that they will never die! In addition, they will give your home a romantic vintage style that no one can resist.


3. Lamps made with jars

Recycle jars to create all kinds of original lamps. Take the jars of tomato or olives that you have at home, wash them well and then, get to work! Make a hole in the center of the jar lid, pass the cable through it and screw in the lamp. Close the jar, connect the cable to electricity and turn on the light. Easy!


4. Dried leaves, pineapples and shells

Use items from the holidays or a walk in the park to prepare your decorations. You can make a collage with them or simply place them decoratively on a plate or tray.


5.  Recycle old furniture

The options are multiple: you can paint them, change the drawers for wicker baskets, put new knobs on the drawers… If you have small children, that old low table can become a blackboard table to play with a little special paint. Meanwhile, the old armchair can be renewed with a new upholstery.


6. Turn cans into something useful!

The cans can be good elements of eco-friendly interior designs in your home unbelievably too.

A can with a nice decoration can be a nice pencil holder, but also a flower pot or a container for candles. Remember to bend the edge of the can to avoid cutting yourself when using it.


Efficient Systems to create Sustainable Home Interiors

If we want our home to be sustainable and efficient, we must take great care of lighting . We can try to make the most of sunlight and ventilation, and when this is not possible, use efficient lighting such as LED technology that can help us create efficient and original interior spaces .

We must also take care of the air conditioning system, looking for eco-friendly home interiors systems that take advantage of solar and wind energy and systems such as biomass boilers. These efficient systems also help us save energy and thereby reduce electricity and gas bills.

Regarding the subject of water, we can include faucets and toilets specifically designed to save water. Also for irrigation we can add systems to our home to recover rainwater.

If we take care of elements such as materials, heating or lighting, we will achieve a healthier and more efficient house with our reform.

The limits of eco-friendly home interiors are set by you and your creativity. Let your imagination run wild, look at the objects you have in your home and get inspired! But, we can do all this for you! It is our job at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. We will create sustainable and eco-friendly Interior home designs for you, just the way you like and even beyond. Connect with us today.