For many people, the dining room is the centerpiece of the home – the place to entertain guests and share family meals. 

Due to its importance to the home, it is essential to design the dining room correctly. Well-designed dining rooms place a lot of emphasis on the available space, as this affects the way in which we will distribute the furniture, lighting, and storage pieces. Good designs also show flawless harmony. Everything works together: from ceiling lighting to floors, walls, and tables. However, it is true that “colors suit”, and there is no single perfect dining room, but an endless variety of interior designs that fit the passions of the people they serve – and this is what we do at HCDDream Interior Solutions.

Where can I find ideas and inspiration to design my dining room? 

You may be excited to design your new dining room, but where should we look for information and inspiration? The HCDDream Interior Solutions offers a new way to discover the latest interior design trends, allowing you to choose the dining room style that suits them best. We have a collection of different dining room designs that you can pick from. We can modify these designs and decorations to your taste and we can equally mix up different existing ideas for you to bring out completely different dining room designs. Conversely, if you want, we can create and innovate new dining room designs, ideas, and decorations that will speak to exactly what you want, all you need is to speak with us.

How do I design my dining room? 

To design your dining room, we often start with the basics: who is going to use the room, and how big is it? If we need the dining room to be able to accommodate a large number of people at certain times (Christmas, a birthday, etc.), we can bet on benches parallel to the wall or consider the possibility of putting a folding table in case we have little space. Another point to consider is the color. A dining room should be welcoming, relaxing, and as delicious to look at as the food served in it. Strong and “rich” colors can work well, but lighter and softer tones will be suitable depending on the mood we want to create. We must try to make an accessible dining room, where dishes can be brought and carried while our guests move comfortably. 

What should I take into account when designing my dining room? 

One thing to consider when designing any dining room is lighting. The table has to be adequately illuminated so that the food receives its best light, but it may not be so important to illuminate sideboards or walls, so we will have to place lamps that are centered on the table. Materials are important too. Dining room furniture not only has to be beautiful but also durable. Children can easily damage your upholstery and red wine can leave irreparable stains, so it would be best to consider using materials such as wood or composites to ensure durability. Small details can also make the difference between a nondescript space and a spectacular design. So we should think about curtains, flowers, and ornaments, but don’t overdo it either.

What colors do I choose for my dining room? 

Contrasts seem to work well in the most successful dining room designs. The classic blues and reds go perfectly with white ceilings, especially when used in combination with decorative elements such as siding or moldings. White or cream-colored walls are perfect for minimalist or modern dining rooms, although they run the risk of being insipid, so it is better if we add a touch of color with flower arrangements, for example. It is also not a bad idea to stay away from too garish and flashy colors. Eating is a pleasure that requires an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, so we do not want it to give us a digestion cut. A well-designed dining room will relax our guests, allowing them to spend a pleasant time. 

Tips to decorate my dining room

Decoration can make the difference between an impersonal and graceless, and a nice and cozy dining room, so we must make an effort to choose the right decoration for our dining room. If by chance we have a set of porcelain or original kitchenware, we can combine them with the flowers, curtains, or paintings that we have in the room. Wallpaper is a great way to create a more interesting look, while lampshades can also become an integral part of your dining room design. Something that can also help us is having several options of table decorations at hand. These, such as candles, can be alternated to go from a family meal to a romantic dinner. 

What if my dining room is too small? 

As with any other room in the house, having a small dining room presents some challenges. With the right approach, however, the square footage will have no influence on how comfortable and inviting our dining room will be.

 First, we must start with the color: better to use lighter tones and make sure that the room is well lit. This will make our dining room become -at least visually- a fresh and spacious place. The way we distribute the seats is also important. The benches around the walls can give us more space and create an additional storage corner, as well as folding the table when meals are not served. We can also put moldings or colored blocks on the walls. In this way, we will make these appear taller than if they were completely smooth. 

What style of decoration do I use for my dining room? 

  • Country-style dining rooms 

If we like the tranquility and charm of the countryside,  the rural style fits perfectly with the design of our dining room. Country-style dining rooms create a traditional atmosphere through solid wood tables, chairs, and floors. The pristine white walls and ceilings contrast with the wood and rich colors, while the wooden beams add authenticity and the handcrafted white furniture and plush rugs add an added touch of elegance. 

  • Modern style dining rooms 

Modern dining rooms are up to date and follow the most current trends in interior design, so they are usually easy to remodel and renovate. Modern dining rooms use items such as glass tables, sleek metal chairs, and large windows to prioritize natural light. The energy that modern dining rooms give off is generally complemented by the clever use of décor such as modern art pieces. 

  • Eclectic style dining rooms 

The eclectic style is the most creative of all. Essentially,  eclectic dining rooms are the ones that make for a wild and imaginative fusion of all decorating styles. This means colored walls coexist with wooden floors, metal chairs, and plush rugs. This can make eclectic dining rooms hugely successful or spectacularly unsuccessful, so we need to be careful and find the right balance.

  • Scandinavian style dining rooms 

Scandinavian design is internationally famous for combining the use of natural materials and the most modern design techniques. The  Scandinavian kitchens are characterized by overusing wood – from floor to table and dressers. The wood is complemented by the pure white walls and lots of sunlight, and there is little decoration. Purity, elegance, and moderation are, therefore, the keywords that define the Scandinavian style. 

  • Minimalist style dining rooms 

Minimalism is the art of achieving the most with the least possible effort. This means choosing the perfect design for your tables and chairs so that there are no rough edges. The minimalist dining rarely includes overstuffed furniture and bright colors. They tend to include accessories that blend into the walls, trying to reduce the appearance of the room to achieve an exquisite harmony.