Without any doubt, the importance of colours in life can not be overstated. From our choice of clothing to the cars we ride to the choice of our dream homes. We all gravitate towards colours. It is so important.

So, when you ask the colour you should paint your home, it is as correct as anything in its entirety. It is not a bad question. You have to choose the right colour for both the interior and exterior of your home. I often likened a home to a palace, when it is painted with fantastic colours that radiate the beauty of the big abode.

The right colour you choose will always revamp the great look and glamour of your home. Colour is so magical that it can make or mar the outlook and attractiveness of an abode depending on the colour combination you use. 

Furthermore, the colour mix you use for your home and the entire interior decorations have a profound effect on your family. So, it is important you select the right colour for your home. Usually, people tend to make mistakes when they are choosing colour combinations for their homes.

The colour combinations of choice for your home

I will be discussing some of the beautiful colour combinations you can use for your home that will not only radiate the elegance and charm of your abode but also enliven you and your family members.

  • Pastel colours

Oh, you wonder what pastel colours are? Colours that lack strong shade are called pastel colours. Baby blue, mauve, and pink are those colours. These colours go perfectly together. They blend excellently. The walls of your villa give a glamorous and enchanting look plus a brilliant feel to your home. Besides you love it, your children would mostly love it more than anything. It is the nicest painting colour mix for children’s room too.

Pastel colours elicit a neutral, soothing, and soft nature in your home. It is really an excellent home paint colour mix to use.


  • Purple and Neutral Grey

This colour mix, purple and gunmetal grey, is a first-class home paint colour combo. It is for sophisticated homes. See, when you mixed grey with purple, you are sure of a home with an interior outlook that elicits sophistication and commands much respect. 

When rightly mixed, purple would impeccably blend with gunmetal grey to give your home a distinct home paint colour mix. This dignified colour combination especially in your sitting room will speak greatly about your perfect and exquisite sense of home decor. This colour combo is of the latest colour mix that is rightly trending for those who have taste for an elegant outlook.

  • Turquoise and Soft Pink

When you mix these two rightly, you are sure of having a bold colour combination for your interiors. Soft pink and the turquoise mix give your villa a lustrous and bright outlook. If you want to make your girls happy always, the exuberant appearance of turquoise and soft pink will always do the job. This versatile combination is perfect for walls. It would make your interiors design styles and other artworks are as lustrous and brilliant as they should be. It works well with interior designs.

  • Grape and Aquarium Blue

This mix has a way of infusing energy and vibrancy when used for your interior walls and bedrooms. It is really in itself. The combination has a magical effect plus it gives vibes and animates you and your families. When you used the colour mix in your homes, it brings joyous feelings and enthusiasm that will always get you spirited. It can turn a dull room into an abode of joy. It is illuminating even in the dark.

It has an alluring and enticing effect on your visitors when you apply it at your entrance. The playful and bright outlook of aqua and grape mix makes the combo a perfect home paint for your home.

  • Yellow and Blue

The mixture of yellow and blue gives a thrilling and electrifying pairing. When you use the combination of warm yellow paint and vivid blue paint, then you are sure of having a home with an interior that has an electric and dynamics outlook. This powerful mix is perfectly suitable to pain your study room because yellow has a memory-enhancing influence.

The colour combination can mellow the mood of your abode when your wall is given blue paint that gets a shade of contrast from the yellow paint. It will be dramatic. These two colours are a perfect combination for wall painting as they synergistically have great impacts on your home.


  •  White and Orange

When you mix orange with white there is an impeccable atmosphere for an electric family. Orange is a popular colour for happiness and celebration.bOrange can radiate anywhere in your home and connects all the schemes of your home. The lucency of a white couple with the electrification that accompanies the orange-painted wall will give your bedroom a cheerful ambiance.  The colour mix gives you a captivating interior home outlook.

  • Navy blue and White

When you use the colour mix, your home assumes a minimalistic interior home look. It is good. This colour mix brings elegance, lucency, and great feelings of opulence to your home. More so, it makes your rooms look more spacious than they are actually. Another thing, it is capable of stimulating your appetite and makes you ravenous. So, these colours are a great fit for your kitchen.

  • Aqua and Cream

If you are a beach-goer, then should be a great fit for you. The combo throws a kind of cool and breezy climate into your home. For sure, the paint will always remind you and your family about the beach. While aqua, as expected, will be reminding about the sea, the cool cream paint is highlighting the sand. So, the colours will give you a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

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