While interior designers can expertly make your small-sized apartment feel more spacious than it actually is, it would do you good if your apartment is kind of spacious enough. A spacious apartment, even if it is a one-bedroom apartment, can be made stylish and elegant.

Yes, while it would be a great thing if you could opt for a big apartment that will have fantastic interior design and all the tremendous artwork, your pocket and needs will actually determine the square feet you will be getting. You will cut your coat according to your size. Nonetheless, the small-sized room can always be innovatively designed and made come out more than you can ever imagine, and look like a semi-villa for you. All thanks to interior design ingenuity and creativity.

Let’s talk about the size of a one-bedroom apartment.


This varies from location to location. However, the size of a single-bedroom or one-bedroom apartment can be somewhere between 450-800 square feet. You may be lucky to have a figure around 700, anyway. 

Depending on your needs, what you plan to put in the room, and your money, you can choose any size. Like I said, size notwithstanding, the excellent design will make the room come out beautifully and the arrangements can be excellent.

What then are your space needs?

Are you living alone or with your relatives? This is the first thing to consider when assessing how much space you will need.

A one-bedroom flat or apartment will be enough space for you if you are living alone. A studio of about 450 square feet can even make a great apartment for you. Space will be enough and the cost will be pocket-friendly. Not living alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have a spouse, children, and other relatives. Pets, especially big dogs and cats, take up space. So, you should factor this into your planning too.

However, if you are a married man, with a spouse and children, definitely a one-bedroom apartment will definitely not cut it. Even if you are a bachelor or spinster, with a roommate or folks that will come around to stay probably over for the weekend or holidays, then a two-bedroom or even more maybe your option.

Another thing you consider is the nature of your job. Are you working remotely from home? If yes, then you may need an office in your apartment, so you are going to factor that in as well so that you will not be distracted by other things in the house. The interior design for the room would be tailored to your exact need.

More so, if you are the party type, who is sure of constant parties or guests, then a bigger room far above 800 square feet will become tiresome for you. The interior design you need in the house will consequently be different. It will be suited to the needs.

Another thing you even consider in your choice of apartment size is the number of kinds of stuff you have. Like electronics, books, a drum set, or items like a bicycle and so on. If you have these kinds of stuff, then you are not gonna crammed them in a one-bedroom apartment or a studio. You will look for a spacious apartment like a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment to contain your stuff. Your interior design will equally be different.

Which apartment then suits you?

As you are still renting an apartment, it is either studio,  one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom. Accordingly, the kind of artwork and interior design you will need will be different.   

As a fresh graduate who is just looking for an apartment to put his head in for a while, a studio will come in handy. With bespoke artwork and design, your home will be palace-like for you and be made even look more spacious. If you are the type who owns a pet, some property, and frequent visitors, it is likely that you may be opting for a one-bedroom apartment. It will serve you well. However, you are a married man with a spouse and a child or two, with probably some load of stuff, then it becomes necessary you rent a two-bedroom flat with appropriate interior design. You may then be looking at a three-bedroom apartment if your family is bigger.

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