5 Ways To Decorate Foyer Of Your Home

The foyer of your home is undoubtedly the area that welcomes you home after a long day at work and also the area that leaves the first impression on the minds of your guests. Hence, decorating the foyer area of your house is a vital aspect of living space interior designing. Various ways of decorating the Foyer of your house are discussed in detail further in this article. 

How to decorate Foyer Area of your home 

Foyer Area is the area that connects the entry way or the main door of the house to the actual living space. It can be a long hallway or just a small passage but it cannot be ignored in the living space interior designing. Following are unique ways by which you can decorate the foyer, 


  • Illuminate with lights 

Light plays crucial role in setting the tone of any space and so is the case with the foyer area too. You can either opt for a chandelier to glam up the space or just place some spotlights highlighting the wall decor. 


  • Add a runner

Having a runner placed along the foyer, will give that cozy and feel whenever anyone steps into your home. However, make sure that the carpet or the runner that you add in this space is easy to clean and maintain. 


  • Furniture with utility 

Though just foyer or entryway, this area is one of most utilized areas of the house. It is because you step in and step out of your house through this space. Having certain furniture pieces like shoe rack, coat rack or a place to keep the handbags will enhance the utility of this space. However, if you have a larger foyer area, you can go a step further and add a statement with beautiful table with few decor pieces at top. 


  • Wall decor 

While decorating any space, walls cannot be ignored, and same is the case with Foyer. Having a wall décor as per your choice with a little highlight through spotlight will definitely glam up the space. You can have a gallery wall, statement wall decor or just a highlighted wall with paint or wallpaper; anything will do the trick. 


  • Small sitting area 

There are times, when we wish we had some sitting option in the Foyer, especially when putting on our shoes or taking them off. Hence, having a little sitting area in the Foyer itself is a great idea indeed! In case you have larger Foyer area; having a two sitter sofa will make the space look more inviting. 

Foyer is an important part of your home and should not be ignored in nay way when it comes to decorating. We hope tips from our expert interior designers will come handy to you while decorating the Foyer. In case you require expert guidance of our team at HCD Dream, best Interior Designing Company in Bangalore, for living space interior designing, then get in touch with us right away.