Trends in the interior design may vary from time to time however the basic principles of interior design always remain the same forever and ever. 

Thus, regardless of personal preferences, you should have proper knowledge about interior designing principles. 

What Is Meant By Harmony And Unity?

Yes, unity and harmony do sound similar at first, but in reality, they both are unique factors that affect the experience of interior design. 

The term Harmony implies that each and every element of your interior design fits together. This may be due to the fact that the same theme or style of decoration is used throughout the interior decoration. 

The term Unity implies that in the interior design there is the repetition of certain elements. It can be a certain color or pattern. These repeated elements pull together the whole design of the space. 

The principles of Unity and Harmony are used to create a sense of cohesion in any space. Well, the secret behind the work of any interior designer is those same aesthetics are followed throughout the interior design. This is one of the strongest tools of any professional interior designer. 


Why Unity And Harmony Is Important In Any Interior Design 

Do you know that our eyes are constantly taking in information through what they are seeing, however, our brain converts it to the simplest form possible by recognizing the repeated pattern? 

This is the reason why when we walk into any space or room we instantaneously recognize whether it is a kitchen or bathroom without going into any details. The harmony and unity that is used in the interior designers bring a sense of cohesion, which makes the initial pattern recognition a much easier task. The human brain categorizes the repeated patterns much faster than when none of the design elements fit together. It altogether gives a sense of calm and peace. 


How To Achieve Unity And Harmony In The Interior Design

By incorporating harmony and unity in the Interior Design, it implies showcasing similarity throughout the design of the space. For doing so, we, HCD dreams, the best interior designing services provider in Bangalore recommend you to utilize the same colors, patterns, shapes, textures, shapes, and materials throughout the space. 

In case you are having trouble determining how to do it, then we would suggest you focus on any single design element and draw your design aspirations based on that element. 

It can be something as small as a beautiful throw pillow. While you are looking around and shopping for your home décor, make it a point to carry it around, so that you will be able to determine whether things go well together or not. 

Another way to find unity and harmony in interior designing concepts is by creating a Mood Board.  You can create a mood board both digitally as well as physically.  

Find samples of fabric, images of furniture, piece of flooring sample along with paint swatches and bring them all together. In this way, you will be able to see if or not everything goes well together. This is because; finding unity is the way to success. 

The interior design of any space should have a clear harmony throughout it, as it gives a visually satisfying experience and more than that an assurance that all the design elements go well together. 

Now look at your interior design and check it according to the principles of Interior design. Are there any elements that feel a little forced? Is the interior design of your home totally in Unity and Harmony? 

To know more about the Interior designing principles get in touch with our expert interior designing team at HCD Dreams right away!



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