Do you know that your entire home can be easily revamped with all the things that you already own? Yes, that’s true and our Interior Designing experts from HCD Dream, the best interior designing company in Bangalore, will give you 5 simple tips to do so, 

Tips to revamp your home 

  • Change the layout

By just making a few changes in the arrangement of the furniture pieces that you already own can make a whole lot of difference in the look of the room. 

You can do so by placing relatively smaller pieces of furniture like ascent chair, bookshelves, or ottoman at different angles. 

  • Revamp the terrace

Having a terrace, a balcony or even a cozy corner near the French window can give solace in these tough times when everyone is locked down at home. 

So revamp the look of this space by adding some floor cushions or even a folding chairs and table that you already have, and enjoy quality time with your family while sipping your morning tea. 

  • Play the magic with accessories 

To break the monotony of the locked-down life, bring out the beautiful accessories that you have kept aside for special occasions. By decorating your house with such accessories you can definitely enhance the mood of your family in these gloomy days and let you enjoy the togetherness. 

  • Declutter is the key 

A clutter can set off the beauty of the well-decorated home, in just a few seconds. Hence, now that you are at home more than ever, utilize this time to declutter your home and life together. And you will know that the simple act of decluttering is enough to enhance the vibe of your already decorated home.

  • Create a workspace

Now that most of you are working from home, what can be a better time than this to set up the home office space? 

Obviously you will have to work with whatever you have at hand for now, but do not worry, as we have already shared some useful tips to set up the home office. 

Go ahead and make the most out of this Coronavirus lockdown and give your home a breath of fresh air with these interior styling tips from our Interior desigsning experts. 

If you have any further queries regarding interior designing and styling, please let us know in the comment section below and we will be glad to help you out.