Many of us think Design thinking, Human Centred Design and many such design methods are only theoretical and hence fail to realize that ignoring them can cost them their dream and money.  We tend to get so carried away with our passion and obsession for the idea that we fail to realize whether the target and impacted audience/people of the product were consulted, or have we interviewed and spoken to right stakeholders of the HOME and its FEEL. Recently an incident that we came across in a family that was confused about VASTU vs belongingness. Some family members complained about not enough energy, guest complained about uncomfortable stay, not able to nurture kids reading habit, Kitchen isolates the homemaker, some get stressed due to lack of space for activities, hobbies, passion. etc.  These feeling can get multiplied with increase number of members in the family. Isn’t necessary and important that we must discover the dreams of each member and make space of them in the HOME. Let’s humanize very bit of your home and create space for your dreams of every member.

Remember it is HOME only when everyone finds space for their dream; they feel the home belongs to them, they feel the designs express to them; they feel it welcomes them when you are back home after a hectic day; when it fosters creativity in your child’s mind; when your kids love to invite their friends to his/her room; when she loves her room; when parents feel that their son/daughter thought about them while designing the space.. It goes on

We call it HOME for EVERYONE in the family. It binds us.