Harmony is a concept that exists at many levels. At its simplest level, harmony means being in accord with something. Whether this thing is nature, physics, or God, harmony is always in accord with some higher force. When we speak of harmony in the context of design, we mean that the elements of a design work together to create a pleasing whole.

Harmony is about having a calm mind. When you’re feeling happy, positive, and content then your mind is full of peace. You don’t worry about anything because you know that everything is going to turn out alright. You feel relaxed and comfortable. However, if you are not feeling well or negative then you won’t be able to enjoy life.


Design is about creating order from chaos. It takes many pieces to build a house and these pieces need to fit together perfectly to work properly. Similarly, design is about putting various elements together to create a pleasing look. In the case of a home, the shape and size of the rooms needs to be designed correctly to ensure that the space works best.

A designer creates a design. A design is a plan or sketch created to solve a problem or fulfill a purpose. Design is the act of designing. It involves planning, planning, and more planning. There is a time period between the first idea and the final solution. This time period is called the design cycle. Once the design is complete, the designer implements the design into reality.

How they are connected

When we look at something, we tend to see only what we are looking for. We ignore everything else around us. Harmony and Designs is a term used in human relations to describe two things that are different but complement each other. This concept is applied in both nature and human relationships.

In the natural world harmony is present between the Sun, Moon, Earth and all the planets. The same principle applies to humans as well. Harmony is achieved through communication and understanding of each other. When people understand each other they respect each other’s differences. The best example is when someone has a different opinion from yours, and yet you still listen to him/her and try to understand their point of view.

Designs are the opposite of harmony. They are the features of a person or thing that are unique and distinguishable. Design is a common denominator among various objects and forms. All the parts of a design should work together harmoniously and complement each other. A good design is always eye-catching.

The combination of these two concepts give rise to great artworks. When you combine the two concepts, you end up with something much better than when you treat them separately. This is true of both art and human relationships.

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