The coronavirus and its disease, COVID-19, have brought severe hardship to the world on many fronts. Many aspects of our life have to be changed and the way we do things need to be correspondingly adjusted, all thanks to the pandemic, which is still ravaging several countries of the world. On the business front, several things have changed and business organizations have been reviewed in the bid to ensure safety of lives and check the spread of the contagion.

One of the businesses that have to be resolved after the COVID-19 pandemic is Interior Design and Decorations. In the bid to ensure safety and contain the contagion, the interior design would need to change. Several things will need to be rewired. Yes!

Now that we are beginning the “new normal” it might be difficult to return to life as we knew it before, considering that the old habits were part of the problem. With the lockdown and travel restrictions, many took the task of redecorating their residence with the idea of ​​improving their state of mind, being in a comfortable place, and at the same time suitable for home office.

Without a doubt, the rent of offices in the country and everywhere in the world has faced a not very encouraging outlook with a drop in demand from businesses and corporations.

 As for interior design, it is certain that houses, offices, and commercial spaces will now be designed with a new awareness for personal safety. So far, the only effective and safe vaccine we have against the virus is a healthy distance,  so respecting it will influence the configuration of the new spaces. And this is a task for interior design and decoration professionals. 

Apparently, the “new normal” will force structural changes where the final products will have to be modified to meet the new needs of the end customer. 

But how will interior design change after COVID-19?

  • Reinventing architecture

When choosing a property to live in, the details that previously went unnoticed will now become more relevant. Houses that are better lit and have wider spaces will be the right choice going forward.  A few extra meters, pools or locations will be sacrificed in pursuit of architecture when buying or renting a house.

  • New Tech Homes

Adapted to remote work, the home office has a direct relationship with the importance that interior decoration will acquire in terms of furniture as well as a much more technological adaptation. In addition, the increase in video calls both of a work nature in the home and family office will focus on aspects of our home such as lighting or good acoustics, modifying the future of interior design.

  • Thinking about mental health

Houses that promote mental health will be given priority, and this is something that is birthed by good interior design and decorations. More than ever, now it is about configuring a balanced and harmonious space where you can feel good, such as a reassuring aesthetic. The ideal is to have the help of a design professional to help create a calm atmosphere in the spaces, combining materials, colors, and distribution of the elements of the home to achieve the effect we are looking for.

  • Attention to outdoor spaces

The most immediate future of interior design – although we should call it present because of its current implementation – revolves around exterior spaces. The decoration of the terraces will gain prominence due to the increase in time that we will spend in them since it is the safest direct contact with the outside.

  • The challenge of shared spaces.

Without a doubt, the challenge for designers is in shared spaces. Again, technology will play a large part in this regard with automatic doors, motion-activated lighting, or smart bathrooms, which allow hygienic coexistence in automated spaces.


As health and safety have been proven to be major needs in any industry, so the interior design has to change its trends to design with a new awareness for personal safety in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering that old habits further complicated the health crisis, more welcoming and suitable environments will be sought to make home offices, and in offices, everything is expected to flow more harmoniously. Central to this is an excellent interior design and decorations expert.

We, at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions in Bangalore, are a group of experts who understand that the new lifestyle brought by coronavirus contagion has come to stay. We see that there is a need for new and befitting interior designs and decorations that will address the “new normal” which will include adding a suitable workspace at home. Connect with us today for your interior designs in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and even beyond.