Who are the 5 Best Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka

If a home interior design project, office interior design project, or villa interior design project is something that’s on your mind for 2021, then you must know about the 5 Best Interior Designers in Bangalore. 


LiveSpace provides high-quality customized interior design solutions that too with swift installation within 45 days. In addition to that, the company offers up to 10 years full house warranty as all its interior design products have undergone intensive quality check-ups. 

Bonito Home Interior Designers 

Bonito Home Interior Designers is a team of 100+ interior designers trained in India, as well as international interior design schools and, are hence known for providing Personalized home interior solutions. 

The Karighars 

The Karighars is another interior design company in Bangalore that curates   Original interior design solutions using high-quality materials and giving timely handovers, ensuring the complete satisfaction of the clients. 

Take into consideration your interior design requirements and the budget that you would like to allocate for the same, before collaborating with any interior design company in India. 

HCD DREAM Interior Solutions

HCD DREAM stands for Human-Centered Design, which forms the foundation of all the interior design projects undertaken by HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. It provides an extensive range of interior design solutions, which includes Home Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Villa Interior Design, and much more. HCD DREAM strives to turn your Interior design dreams into reality. 

De Panache

De Panache works across India with customers that have diverse interior design requirements.  It has a team of highly skilled interior designers who always strive to raise the bar with every interior design project. We are based out of Koramangala, Bangalore, and have been serving clients for ages to build your dream home.