Luxurious 3 BHK Flat Interior Design in Bangalore, Karnataka

Are you thinking of doing 3 BHK Flat Interior Design in Bangalore, Karnataka? Do not think so much and contact our company HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. This is one of the best and leading Interior design companies in Bangalore. Space should be used to its fullest potential, not only to beautify but also to upgrade the quality of everyday life. We use this philosophy to bring unique designs and concepts to our customer’s homes.

The company will work Smart and they will give you the best home interiors through the use of technology to create your dream house. Our company designs spaces that inspire and entertain our clients. We provide top-rated services like Bedroom Designs, Living Room Designs, Kitchen Designs, Bathroom Designs, Office Spaces, Villas, Apartments, etc. 

3 BHK Flat Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design ideas are not as easy or simple as they seem. There are many types of interior designing at HCD DREAM Interior Solutions. Below we shared some most preferable Interior Design Styles and gave brief descriptions of each.

  1. Traditional

Traditional style means classic design that has been around for many years. The main focus in traditional interior design is on functionality rather than aesthetics. This kind of home will have plain materials, simple designs, and no unnecessary items. Most people who live in these homes are not looking for something extravagant or unusual. 

  1. Modern

Modern style is based on clean lines and shapes. Modern interiors tend to be sleek and minimalist. They often have geometric patterns and incorporate clean lines. A modern home will usually have not many decorative pieces as a traditional home and it is always Cleanliness 

  1. Contemporary

With a contemporary design, the main focus is on function and flexibility. A contemporary space can be used for almost any purpose, it does not need to give a specific function.

  1. Eclectic

Eclectic style is a type of interior design that motifs together to create a unique aesthetic and blends different styles

Eclectic homes take elements from both traditional and contemporary designs. They have exposed brick walls, large areas of glass, and natural wood finishes. If you are going for this Eclectic interior design then homes tend to be larger than traditional homes and often incorporate rustic touches like exposed beams. 

  1. Minimalism

It’s totally simple, with clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with color used as an accent. It usually combines an open floor plan, lots of light, and functional furniture, and it focuses on the shape, color, and texture of just a handful of essential elements.

Mainly it’s a modern style that emphasizes functionality over form. In this type of interior design, all items have a purpose and are designed to fulfill their function.  

  1. Postmodernist

 It combines elements from both traditional and modern architecture. Buildings built in the postmodernist style may include multiple stories and contain many different steel, materials, glass, cement, wood, and concrete.

What our Clients say about us

Let us know 3 BHK Home Interior Design Cost

Its cost depends on the project as well as the client’s budget and company too. In general, the average cost per project is around 6L – 70 Lakhs. The amount is always dependent on the project. Normally some customers might require fewer services and pay less while others could potentially need more and would therefore pay higher prices. Another factor is, it is also dependent on location also if the customer lives in a rural area then the cost will be lower and if the customer lives in a city then the cost may be higher. 

Why should you choose HCD DREAM Interior Solutions?

Interior design describes how a room looks when it uses others and how someone thinks about it. We can understand that design style is not only how it looks but also involves a person’s feelings and thoughts. So we have that kind of designer who can understand your feelings and think about what makes you happy. That will also come into your budget.

So, don’t be late, if you are thinking of making your flat more beautiful and want to do interior design then contact one of the best interior companies in Bangalore – HCD DREAM Interior Solutions.