Step 1: Project request, initial estimates and concepts

It is project enquiry. Here we gather clients initial basic requirements and based on the same, we provide initial concepts, ideas, design layout and estimates.

Step 2: Concept Creation

We call it extracting the dream and image of dream interior of the client. The first step of the interior design process at Dream Designers always starts with concept. It is always done and agreed upon in relevance and context to the client’s taste, requirements and space.

Step 3: Design Development

We call it detailed design phase. This is deep dive exercise to convert concept into comprehensive executable drawings, designs and specifications. This part creates an integrated design and project plan with inputs from all the teams (The client, Carpenters, Electrician, Mason, Plumbing, Tiling, False Ceiling, Décor, Painters etc). This lays the foundation for the project construction with final designs, cost, project plan and timeline.

Step 4: Construction

This is most exciting part of the process, as this stage transforms the designs into reality. It starts with a kick off meeting with all the teams by handing over and explaining the drawings, material, quality standard, project milestones, construction guidelines of the builder, dos and don’ts, any project special conditions etc.

Step 5: Project Management

Each project is managed by Lead Interior Designer/Manager. Integrated project plan is used as guideline for proper timely coordination among vendors and contractors and ensure work is done as per the execution plan, procurement plan, budget, timeline and quality.

Step 6: Project Turnover

This is the time to do the final touch up, décor, lighting, texture painting, wall paper, final duco polish, glass and mirror work, bathroom glass partition, bathroom accessories deep cleaning, etc. These last 10 days is emotional days for us, when we spend most of our time at the site and start getting glimpse of the dream home that we envisaged.